Your NextGen Storage container

Sleek and Discrete Storage

An innovative concept

The most versatile and portable storage container on the market. 

Titanlok’s patented design will allow you to discretely store, lock and keep cool any item that fits into its cargo.  

What is it?

The TitanLok is your ideal storage solution for securing your items. It is equipped with:

  • A Double-Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Outer Shell
  • Locks (Choose from three different locks – Biometric, Dial or keyed)
  • Airtight and Waterproof Compartment
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor – on select models
  • SmartStorage Technology will let you know what is going on with your cold chain storage – on select models

Accessorize your Titan

 With added accessories you can keep your items cool, hot, or add humidity in the chamber. 

  • Insulin Pen Cooler and Holder
  • Customize the insert to hold your Biologics
  • Do you need to keep your stuff Cold
  • TitanLok has got you covered. With the added icepack you can keep your stuff cool. 
  •  The most versatile portable safe you’ll ever need. Take it to beach to keep your stuff safe, or store your insulin pen while traveling. TitanLok has got you covered!! 

Protect your stuff today!

Equipped with SmartStorage™ technology